Latest upgrades published on 18th December 2019

The main changes in this release are as follows.

Dealing with shared email addresses

In the new Star Online system users can't share an email address, instead all users will require a unique email address.

To help Star leads prepare to upgrade to the new system, we've created a tool to enable Star leads to deal with shared email addresses efficiently. The tool highlights duplicated email addresses in two places. The Star lead's account page 'actions' tab presents any email address that's shared by workers, managers or the lead within your organisation. 

Lead account page

View the affected email address to see which users share it on this new de-duplication screen:

Merge email addresses

From here the Star lead can decide what to do. The options are presented clearly – merge users when they migrate to the new system, or close or edit the email addresses to make them unique.

Leads can also review duplicate users on the colleagues page. An alert highlights the presence of duplicated email addresses and a filter enables you to view only those that need to be dealt with. We've added users' email addresses to the table of results on this page, too, so that the issue is made much clearer at a glance.

colleagues list email additions

In progress Star readings can be included in more raw data downloads

Incomplete Star readings cannot be migrated to the new Star Online system so they will need to be completed or deleted. The Service user and Star data download already includes incomplete Star readings. With this release we've added an option to include or exclude incomplete Stars to the Star data and the Star notes data downloads. 

in progress star readings available in more raw data downloads

Other upgrades

  • A migration “tool” that checks, prepares and handles account migration
  • User-friendly messages presented for people who log into the legacy site during or after migration to the new system 
  • Scripts to clean-up data ahead of migration
  • Data clean-up scripts
  • Managers are no longer presented with duplicate email addresses to prevent potential conflicts arising.

For further information on any of the upgrades above, please get in touch with your Star lead, or if you are the Star lead, please get in touch with the helpdesk.

 Last updated by Jo Johnson 17th December 2019