The Star Online is designed to be accessible and user-friendly.

With support from Blind Veterans and the Pocklington Trust, Adaptations have been made to the 'complete Star' process to make it highly usable for blind and visually impaired users.the site has been tested by blind and visually impaired users using iPads, the zoom tool SuperNova and the screenreader Jaws.

The Star is a visual tool, however, blind users and workers supporting blind users can switch to 'text only' when using the 'complete Star' process. There is a prominent button on every page of the 'complete Star' feature which converts the graphical Star ladder into CSS and HTML, making it readable by screenreader software.

iPad users can use the in-built accessibility features.

Visually impaired people will find that using a zoom tool, like SuperNova, will reveal that a great amount of thought has been put into presenting the VIP Star Online in a way that works well at high levels of magnification.

Background and line colours have been adjusted to increase contrast, layouts and feedback presentation has been designed to function usably at 20X magnification.